My Top 5 Supplements

fishoilcapsulesPeople always ask me about what vitamin pills and supplements I take to stay healthy. I decided to write this article about my top 5 favorite supplements. These are the supplements that I feel have done the most to boost my health.

1. Probiotic Supplements

Probiotic supplements works to replenish the amount of “good” bacteria found in your digestive system. This is the type of bacteria that wards off sickness and boosts emotional well being. A good probiotic supplement can even reverse certain digestive system health concerns.

2. Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil, especially when wild caught and traditionally fermented, is an excellent source of vitamins A and D as well as many important omega fats. The nutrients found in cod liver oil work to boost overall health, fight off disease, fight inflammation, and boost emotional health.

3. Algae Supplements

Superfood algae such as spirulina and chlorella can do wonders for detoxifying the body and boosting overall health. In this day and age, we live in a very toxic world. Spirulina and chlorella bind to those toxins within our body and work to remove them.

4. Adaptogen Herbs

Adaptogen herbs such as cordyceps and rhodiola work to normalize any aspect of the body that isn’t functioning properly. Both rhodiola and cordyceps work well for balancing my energy levels. For example; if I am low energy, adaptogens work to give me a boost, but if I’m stressed out, adaptogens work to calm me down.

5. Super-Fruit Supplements

Last but not least, I love super-fruit supplements acai and baobab. I buy the powder versions and add them to smoothie for an added boost of nutrients and antioxidants that work to boost my energy and overall health.

There you have it! These are the supplements I take on a daily basis to stay healthy and active. I believe these five supplements have done the most to improve my overall health and wellness.