8 New Ways to Eat Spirulina

spirulina3I love spirulina. It so nutrient dense and it truly makes me feel like a super hero! I love adding it to my smoothies and I’ve even added it to baked goods like muffins. I love spirulina so much and eat it so often that I am always looking for new spirulina recipes. Whenever I find a new spirulina recipe, I usually get right to the kitchen to try it for myself. Unfortunately, many spirulina recipes simply don’t make the cut.

I recently found 8 stellar spirulina recipes and I am so excited to share them with you! I’ve tried this recipe and many others on the list but I am yet to try them all. As I try them, I will report back with my favorites. I wouldn’t want to steal credit by posting the recipes here, so follow the link back to the original post.

The spirulina recipes found in this post include a spirulina shot, a spirulina smoothie, spirulina honey, spirulina salad dressing, spirulina pesto, spirulina toast, spirulina guacamole, spirulina hummus, spirulina pancakes, and spirulina seasoning salt. So far, I think my favorite recipe is the spirulina seasoning salt- YUM!

I can’t wait to try the rest of the recipes! If you try any of these spirulina recipes, make sure you let me know whether or not you liked them! It can be very difficult to find good recipes, but so far I’ve tried about half from this website and they have all been delicious! If you have any amazing spirulina recipes, feel free to share them with me! Remember, when buying spirulina, or any supplement for that matter, try to buy USDA organic and always remember to read the labels!