How My Mother FINALLY Lost Weight

For literally as long as I can remember, my mother has been struggling to lose weight. I remember being about 9 and my mother coming home with bags and bags of lettuce, exclaiming that our family would only be eating salad from now on. I laughed and greedily checked on the secret stash of Easter candy that I had hidden under my bed. There would be absolutely NO salads for 9 year old me.

When I was 16, I remember my mother choking down chalk-like SlimFast shakes and lying through her teeth as she exclaimed how good they tasted. When I asked for a taste, she would scoff at my thin adolescent frame and tell me that I had ‘my father’s genes.’ If it were my father’s genes that kept me naturally thin during adolescence, I must have gotten a new father when I turned 30. Regardless, for as long as I can remember, my mother has been on a diet.

Through all of these years of dieting, my mother never lost any weight. On the rare occasion that she lost 20 pounds or so, she would gain it back within 6 months of stopping whatever crazy fad diet that she was on at the time. Now that I have reached adulthood and my own weight loss battles, my mother has finally found something that works for her.

About six months ago, my mother started taking African Mango supplements. Since starting to take the supplements, she has lost over 30 pounds! Now keep in mind, my mother has always had about 50 pounds of weight to lose, so this supplement may not work for those who are naturally thin with just a few pounds to lose. Without much change to her diet and exercise, my mother has finally found a natural solution that seems to work for her body. She uses a brand called Perfect African Mango which you can buy here.